Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Vacation

I would have to confess that Summer is my new favorite time of the year. I have really enjoyed this summer with Joseph. He loves the water and being outside, so it is a blast to take him to do things. For Father's Day and July 4th weekend we headed to Dallas. A slew of pictures follow this post, however, if you have a Facebook account, this entire post is going to be repetitive. There are more pictures on FB. The pictures are from both trips and since I am posting at 11 o'clock at night, I didn't feel like breaking them up and organizing the pictures correctly.
Our first trip to Dallas was a short and very tiring trip. We had just finished Elementary camp at church, so I was extremely exhausted. However, our trip this past week was a blast! We were going up there for my mom's family reunion and then stay the rest of the week because my dad's family was coming into town. Since we wanted to stay and see everyone, we just decided to make this our family trip for the summer. We planned an outing everyday we were in Dallas and it was a blast. Starting July 4th, we went to a local park to see some fireworks, swam just about every day, went to a water park, children's museum of Dallas, had lunch with Grammy, went to the movies, went to the local library, ate out, and went bowling.
We had a great vacation with the boys and made some great memories.

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