Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grammy and Papaw bought Joseph this t-ball set. Jeff and I were pretty surprised that Joseph just picked up the bat and started swinging away and making contact more times than not. We don't have a t-ball set here and I can't think of any other place where he might have learned how to hit the ball. The stance and everything was right. Also, we realized he was swinging left. I still don't know what hand Joseph is going to use. He apparently bats left, will throw left and right, and eats left. Christian, I am pretty sure is going to be a lefty. He sucks his left thumb, always rolls left and grabs toys with his left.

Sucking his toes is his new soothie. He has two bottom teeth and the other day I noticed his left toe was all scratched up. I first thought, Joseph, but then realized, that is from his teeth!

Tilly Belle at camp. She walked around for the longest time with this candy bar. She was going from person to person just begging for them to open it for her. She would squeal, say, "Dada," and then hold up the candy bar. She is so stinkin' cute.

Jeff, Jack and Joesph playing checkers. Jack looks so handsome here with his blonde hair and little tan.

This is no surprise. We are trying to get things ready and out the door so we can make it to camp on time, then we here Joseph yelling, "HOLP, HOLP," (That's how he says help). I knew exactly where he was and where he isn't supposed to be.

He was in the middle of this mat at one time, but he wiggled off and got turned around and was watching cartoons with Joseph.

The week before camp Joseph had the stomach bug again. For three out of the six days he was sick, he seemed fine. He would throw up first thing in the morning and then play all day like he was perfectly fine. But then Monday arrived, the fourth day, and he was just laid out!

A while back, my dad, Stacey and I took Joseph to a bowling alley in Rockwall. I took a picture of his two spares and of him cheering himself on.

Here is Christian watching Joseph jump on the bed. This is a common occurrence and now that Joseph knows he can get Christian to laugh, he does it a lot. I love C's reaction all the can tell he wants to join Joseph. (Listen closely and you can hear Joseph saying, "Kisstan, watch, Kisstan, watch.")

The other video is of Joseph and his new task. It really was like overnight that he started climbing and jumping on and off everything. I found the lamp inside the playpen one day and it is now broken from Joseph jumping off of the nightstand. Oh well; when I go to turn on the lamp and it falls over, I think of my little man, Joe.

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