Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Basketball fever

Last night, Jeff and I were supposed to go see the Houston Rockets for our (belated) Valentine's Date. Well, Nathan suddenly became pretty sick with high fever and Joseph had some other things going on. I couldn't convince myself that Marnie and Poppy would love to watch sick kiddos, so I told Jeff that I thought it would be best if I stayed home. When he was unable to get another guy to go with him and not wanting to waste the tickets (which we, from what I heard, had amazing seats, with a parking pass and a club pass), he decided to take C-bear. Christian was so excited that he was getting to go with his Dada, he ran to his room and picked out his basketball gear.

When Christian arrived home, he was hooked on basketball....
Playing basketball can be pretty exhausting..

He loved the game so much that he slept in his blue 'uniform' and with his basketball last night. Joseph caught some of the basketball fever as well.

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