Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christian at age 3

Christian Henry joined our family three years ago on February 2. I was blessed with this little angel from Heaven. He was the easiest and happiest baby I had ever been around.
And now at 3, he still is one of the easiest and happiest kiddos I know.He brings his Mama, Dada, and brothers so much joy and laughter!Christian at 3:
  • You weigh 32 lbs (54%) and are 37.25 in (37%). You are three pounds smaller than Joseph was at this age and you are quarter inch shorter than him.
  • You love clothes! Just the other day I moved all your shirts down to the lower rack just so you could pick out your clothes for the day. You have really enjoyed this. You love to change your clothes during the day, but this can be a problem because you don't get yourself dressed yet and I usually tell you no if you want to change. Unless, the outfit is soaked with something.
  • You love to wear shoes. Your favorite right now are your cowboy boots and running shoes.
  • You still suck your left thumb and have since you were 4 months old.
  • You are an excellent sleeper...always have been. You can fall asleep anywhere. At Nathan's one year party, you were tired, so you plopped down on the recliner, during the middle of the party and went to sleep.
  • You wear size 3T in shirts and pants.
  • Size 10 shoe.
  • You love your cars and superhero toys.
  • You broke your arm this year, for the second time, this time falling off the trampoline.
  • You really love movies now. Probably your favorite right now is Incredibles.
  • You love coke and sprite.
  • You aren't much of a sweets eater, but you do like your fair share of cupcakes/cakes and ice cream.
  • You love salads.
  • You love apples, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries.
  • You love chips. Some of your favorites are Cool Ranch Doritos, Cheetos, Tortilla chips that you can dip in salsa or queso.
  • You really enjoy playing baseball.
  • You LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE your big brother. Today when I picked you guys up at the Y, your teacher commented on how well you and Joseph play together and how well you get along.
  • You love to jump on the trampoline.
  • You have been potty trained since October.
  • You are starting to be such a great big brother to Nathan. It took you a while to learn how to be gentle with him and it took Nathan a while to learn that it was okay if you got near him. You two are starting to play together and wrestle so it's pretty cute.
  • You call Nathan by his name now, after what was almost an entire year of calling him 'baby'.
  • You love and will eat anything that has pasta.
  • You love popcorn.
  • Your favorite Shipley's treat is a sausage and cheese kolache and a blue or chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles.

*C-bear, you are an absolute delight to have in this house!

For the day of his birthday, we started off by making a trip to Shipley's where he was able to get one of his favorite donuts. Then after eating breakfast and watching Incredibles, we headed to Sugarland to meet Jeff and Marnie at Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate his special day.
Nathan and Christian loved this little car. I don't know if you can tell, but right when I took the picture, C put his arm around Nathan.
Letting me know that he is 3!!!Some of my favorite pictures of the little guy.
Christian at his First BirthdayThen his Second Birthday (with a fractured arm from falling off a patio chair)Then his Third Birthday (with another fractured arm from falling off the trampoline)
I really hope this 'fractured arm thing right before his birthday' isn't going to be a trend!
Thank you Lord for blessing and entrusting us with this precious little boy. Looking forward to this next year and seeing what God has in store for you.
*If you have ever wondered where we got the name 'C-bear' I would love to tell you. When he was born, Jeff and I were really into the show Scrubs. In an episode, John Dorian calls his friend, Chris Turk, C-bear. One night Jeff came in and called Christian that and I loved it as a nickname for him. So now, we call him by that name quite often.

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