Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas with the Ellis'

Since I can't travel for Christmas, Jeff and I hosted it down here this year for my family. Yes, we had Joseph's party Saturday morning and then did our Christmas in the evening. It was a very busy week of preparing and a very busy day. We were blessed once again!
I received a new bed comforter and some awesome sheets. Watches, perfume, gift cards, glassware and an iron were some of the other things I was blessed with. Jeff got hooked up clothes wise and received several gift cards...which he loves!! Joseph was blessed with books, cars, animals, playdoh and of course his John Deere backhoe loader. It is so awesome. He isn't too sure about pushing the pedal to make it go, but he does enjoy getting on it and moving the loader up and down. Once I get him on video riding it, you can be sure that you will see some footage on the blog. (He might need some encouragement from his older cousins Mark and Jack to show him how to please come over anytime to show him that it is okay and fun once you start moving).
The highlight of receiving the backhoe loader was Sunday night. We arrived back home from Livingstones Church and his tractor was in the garage. He jumped out of the car and ran over to his tractor and hopped on it. Totally not expecting it, he hit the pedal and off (in the garage) he went. He ran into everything. Me having my hands completely full (with dinner, camera, diaper bag, etc) was trying to get him turned around to the outside. I quickly shifted everything I had to one arm and grabbed the tractor, pointed in the direction of the driveway and off he went...smack dap into the truck. I was trying to not seem scared because I didn't want him to get frightened. So, I caught up to him and turned him around real quick again and off he went into the grass. He came to a stop and then was done for the night. It all happened so fast and was so hilarious, so I am hoping that he will get back on it soon and realize how much fun it can be.

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