Monday, December 22, 2008

Joseph's Birthday Party

Between my blogging and Facebook, you might have thought Joseph had three birthday's. We had his Safari themed birthday party on Saturday morning and his actual birthday was on Sunday. We had a great turn out for company and as usual, Joseph was blessed gift wise. He really enjoyed running around with Mark, Jack and John and playing whatever they were playing outside. Poor little June just sat and watched the crazy boys....we really need some girls for her. Tilly will be right by her soon and I bet June is going to love having another girl to play with. Thank you to all who came and helped us celebrate another year with our Joseph.
I would like to send a big thanks to Lindsay, Carol and Anna for helping me out on Friday. Lindsay (the next Cake Lady) decorated Joseph's cake. The cake in the pictures doesn't really give her justice for what she can do...I didn't really do any detail work on Saturday morning (like she had instructed me to do) to make it look as pretty as if she would have done it. She was a real angel for helping and by helping, I mean she did all the work. Carol and Anna for watching Joseph so I could go to Lindsay's to decorate the cake. That was such a big help. Thank you girls.
And my family on Saturday morning...entertaining Joseph and helping with all the food preparation. You were all a blessing.

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