Monday, December 22, 2008

An end to a great weekend

On Sunday night, we thought we should take Joseph to do something for his actual birthday. We have heard a lot about this train ride and display of lights at Livingstones Church in Alvin. We attempted this last year, but the wait was over an hour and it was way past Joseph's bed time, so we decided to head out. This year, we went about 10 minutes before it opened and only had to wait maybe 20 minutes. Joseph loved the train and the several tunnels we went through. It was a very chilly evening, but very festive and a great way to end a busy weekend.
He was able to sit with Grammy and they got all bundled cute. Joseph is on a grandparent's kick right now. It is really special to me because I always had a special bond with my grandparent's, so it is really neatl to see him do the same. I really hope he keeps the special bond that he has right now with them his entire is just so awesome.

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