Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elmo's World

We all have favorite things our little one's do around the house and this is a new favorite of mine. When Elmo's World comes on, Joseph will dart to his room and find his Elmo and hold him the entire time Elmo is on. The first day he did it, I just started laughing because I was in the living room cleaning and he came dashing out of our room. I thought he was looking for me, so I said, "I'm right here, " he just kept on running straight for his room. He then came around the corner running with Elmo and that is when I heard the song.


The Littles said...

how cute! Lorelai loves elmo, but I haven't heard of Elmo's World...is it a tv show???

Lindsay Leigh said...

Elmo's World comes on Seasme Street, 9:40 to be exact. PBS station for us.