Thursday, July 14, 2011

Broth'a from the same Moth'a

I started to title this post: "Bro's before (complete sentence here)," but something inside me said that wasn't appropriate and that my husband wouldn't approve of such a title.

On with the post. I love my two older boys and one of the things I love most about them is that they are brothers. Man, they are so adorable together and they are perfect for each other.
Now, I don't know if it's an age thing (they are 25months apart) that they get along so great right now or if I am just blessed, but my prayer is that they will always be this close. Jeff and I really encourage them to love one another, be kind to one another, think of one another, and share with each other. We also allow them to be 'boys.' As long as no one is in danger, bleeding, being suffocated or being attacked out of anger, it's alllllll guuuud.

A few reasons this Band of Brothers works:

Joe- Our leader; Serious; Take Charge; Lover; Daddy's boy; All about Marnie and Mimi; Loves cats and dogs; Careful ;Pleaser; Smart.

C-bear-Our follower; Goofy (in a funny way, not a weird way); Kid goes by the seat of his diaper; Fighter; Mama and Dada's boy; All about Poppy and Papaw; Hates cats and dogs; Risk taker; Not so much of a pleaser (tender hearted though); Will do ANYTHING Joseph asks him to do (which tend to be things that Joseph knows he's not allowed to do, so he gets Christian to do it.....and he will).

And this post wouldn't be complete without a story:
The other night while cooking dinner, I hear their door shut (never a good thing). As I am cooking, I keep hearing these thuds and giggles coming from the room. After hearing this for about five minutes, I decide to make my way into the room. I crack the door quiet enough so they don't hear me. There they are, throwing their very heavy and hard Shamu's at their ceiling fan that is on. C's never reached the fan, of course, but could have at any time nailed Joe in the face. Joseph, however, was hitting the fan and could have hit a lightbulb that would have shattered on the two little hooligans that were standing directly underneath.

Oh, the joy of boys.

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