Thursday, July 14, 2011


Here is my oldest son... I love and adore this kid! Joseph is now 4 1/2 and is someone that I love being around so much. Just this past Spring, I told Jeff how much I have really started enjoying him. Now, I'm not saying that the first 3 years were unbearable, but he's just so much fun right now. He was the sweetest baby and toddler. But for some reason, when he turned 2 1/2, my limits were pressed to the max. We had a rough time with the three's (down right defiance, sassy, lying, talking back, talking ugly, using inappropriate tones, WHINING,etc), but soon after turning four, he gelled into this sweet kid. Now that our middle child is 2 1/2, we are noticing that it is a phase. We feel like we just got out of it with Joseph, and here we are, round two with our middle son.

Joseph is a big boy, always has been. He is in 4 pants; can wear 5/6 shirts; size 12 shoe; loves animals (more specifically, whales and sea creatures); loves to read; loves to learn; favorite breakfast is Shipley's, but since that isn't in our budget everyday, he loves his honey nut cheerios and muffins; loves anything with pasta; loves cool ranch Doritos; loves "pop-porn"; favorite movie right now is gnomeo and juliet;everyday he plays with his cars and animals; loves ice cream; favorite place to eat is probably Chick-fil-a; goes by Joseph or Joe; loves trains; just this summer, he started swimming under water; he is a great, great, great, big brother; great leader; is becoming more and more interested in Heaven and learning about God. I am hoping this is a sign of God getting a hold of his heart and Joseph responding one day; loves to help Jeff with anything; loves to play with Christian; he is getting to where he will ask me if he can help with something; very obedient kid (I usually only have to ask him to do something one time and he will do it. Lovelovelove this about him); first thing in the morning, he goes to the restroom and then gets dressed for day (Such a big help to me not having to ask him to do this); still pretty shy; pretty serious kid; has a "smart" sense of humor (he says really funny stuff and when I laugh, he will say "what'd I say?" Very witty kid)

This kid is an absolute joy to be around and my heart aches at the thought of him not being with me all day. I am so thankful I have one more entire year with him before he starts school. This Fall, my plan is to go through a preschool curriculum with him and see what I think about homeschooling. As of right now, we are public school, but if I enjoy the routine of effectively teaching my son and balancing the thousands of other motherly responsibilities I will probably home school. I love teaching and more importantly, I love teaching my boys. Either way we go for school, I will have the chance to do just that.

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